What are merge codes?

Using Merge Codes to generate email pixels in TrackFunnels

“Merge codes” or “Merge fields” are interchangeable terms used by most CRMs. A merge code is nothing but a placeholder that you can use in your emails to personalize the content for each recipient. All data associated with a contact record in your CRM can be fetched inside an email using these merge codes. For example, when you set up an email for your mailing list, you might want to personalize the email by starting it with something like:

“Dear Tim,”

where Tim is one of the list subscribers. But because everyone has a different name, instead of using any one person’s name, you will add the "Merge code" for the First Name in your email. So it looks something like:

“Dear |FNAME|,”

When you set up an email like this, the |FNAME| will automatically get replaced by the First name of the contact that the email goes out to. When you hit the send button and your email is pushed to your entire mailing list, the CRM would know that it has to replace the |FNAME| with the recipients actual First Name.

Similarly, there is a merge code for many other attributes of the contact record available in most CRMs. Check the help documentation of your CRM to see what merge codes are available to you.

Where are the merge codes used in TrackFunnels?

We ask you to add merge codes when generating your email tracking pixel (available only with Pro accounts). And the merge code you have to use is the contact ID. Because in your CRM each contact has a unique ID. And this unique ID will act as an identifier when an email is opened by any recipient to pass information to Google Analytics.

We provide below a list of all merge codes for popular CRMs (as of Jan 2018), but please make sure that when at your end that these merge codes are still applicable as we do not guarantee any changes made by the CRMs to update here immediately.

# CRM Name Vernacular Code Relevant Help Page
1 Mailchimp Merge Tags *|UNIQID|* Verify Here →
2 Infusionsoft Merge Fields ~Contact.Id~ Verify Here →
3 Active Campaign Personalization Tags %CONTACTID% Verify Here →
4 ClickFunnels Merge Tags Please check with ClickFunnels Verify Here →
5 Intercom Variables Please check with Intercom Verify Here →
6 Pardot Variable Tags %%crm_id%% Verify Here →
7 Hubspot Personalization Token {{ contact.hs_object_id }} Verify Here →
or confirm with Hubspot Customer Support

If you face any issues or need help finding your merge codes, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]