GA4 audiences by Email Opens

With email open rates available in your GA4 account, you unlock an unprecedented array of opportunities for segmenting users. By combining recent email opens with other behavioral data, you can create highly precise audiences and propel your campaigns to success!
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Analyze in depth & with ease

  • Track Email Opens
  • Send Up to 11 Email Identifying Parameters like contact IDs
  • Create GA4 Audiences Based on Email Opens
  • Segment by Email Opens
  • A/B Test Email Subject Lines
  • Analyze Email Opens Alongside Other GA Events

No "connectors" needed

  • One-Time Setup in Your TrackFunnels Account
  • Generate Pixels and Embed in Your Emails
  • No Mpre Switching Between Email Platform & GA
  • No Need for Excel Exports
How it works

Extremely simple to set up


Configure Email Settings


Generate Your Pixel


Drop pixel to your emails


Set Up Custom Dimensions


See your data rolling in Google Analytics

Transformative Email Analytics in your GA4

Get your full funnel insights including email open rates like never before. Just drop the 'email open' event with 'subject line' or other identifying parameters in your Funnel exploration reports!

A full funnel in GA4 that includes email opens rates is now possible.

Create GA4 Segments based on Email opens.

Create precise GA4 audiences based on who opened your Emails.

Why is Access to Email Open Rates Transformative?

Explore a couple of Use Cases

Email Attribution to Conversion and Site Engagement

Understand how each email open contributes to your sales and overall site engagement. This integration provides a complete picture, linking email behaviors with user actions on your site, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns with precision and increase ROI. Don't just send emails; send emails that deliver proven results.

Segmentation based on Email opens.

Combining Email open rates with your GA4 data opens a lot of doors for you to analyze, slice and segment your data by adding conditions that include or exclude specific email opens! For instance, you could compare event data from sessions where users opened a particular combination of emails against sessions with a different email engagement pattern.


Segment or die! (Yeah, who said that!? 🤔). Email Open rate is an important insight that was not available in your GA4 acount until now. Integrate these insights with existing user behavior data and empower your campaigns with precision targeting.
How does the email tracking pixel work technically?
Our email tracking pixel leverages the GA4 Measurement Protocol, designed specifically for integrating offline interactions. This protocol connects directly with the GA4 API to ensure that all hits are authenticated and sent server-side.
What GDPR issues should I be aware of when adding email tracking pixels?
It’s important to note that tracking pixels can raise privacy concerns - compliance with privacy laws like GDPR in the EU requires that users consent to such tracking explicitly. You must be doing that anyway as your email marketing platform are already tracking email opens. When you use TrackFunnels servers for email tracking, we act as a data processor on your behalf. It's important to note that the transmission of personally identifiable information (PII) through our servers is strictly prohibited to ensure privacy. All data we collect is solely to ensure the accuracy of our tracking—such as preventing duplicate hits from the same user—and to populate your personalized dashboard. This data is not used externally nor shared with third parties; only your account manager and our designated developers have access. Our tracking implementation is server-side and cookieless, which complies with GDPR. However, we recommend obtaining explicit consent from your users regarding email tracking to fully comply with GDPR. For further guidance on compliance, please check with your legal team directly.
Can I use tracking pixels in plain text emails?
Tracking pixels, as commonly used, are embedded as HTML images and therefore require the email to be formatted in HTML to function. In plain text emails, which consist solely of text without HTML formatting, it's not possible to embed images or HTML tags directly. This means you cannot use a tracking pixel in a plain text email.
Are there any limits to how many emails can be tracked?
While there is no upper limit to the number of emails you can track, we currently set a cap of 500 hits per day to prevent server overload and maintain efficient data flow through the GA4 Measurement Protocol. If your needs exceed this limit, please reach out to us to discuss a customized plan that better suits your requirements.
I have a question that’s not covered here.
If something is not covered here, please get in touch with us directly. We reply within the same working day.
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