Evaluate Traffic Categorization in Hubspot Traffic Source Report

Attribution in HubSpot Traffic Sources Report

How to Use the Validator?

Start by entering any domains listed in your HubSpot account into the designated field. If you have multiple domains, separate them with a comma.
Input the full destination URL where you're directing your traffic, including any UTM parameters or other tracking parameters appended to the URL.
If your traffic originates from a specific referral source, enter that URL in the referring URL field. This step is optional but can help refine the traffic categorization process.
Click the "Evaluate URL" button after filling out the form. Our tool will process the information and determine how your traffic will be attributed in HubSpot.
The tool will display results showing how your traffic will be categorized. Use this information to optimize your marketing strategies.

Maximize Your Marketing with Precise Attribution in HubSpot Traffic Analytics

Traffic Attribution means ROI

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the ability to accurately track where your website traffic comes from is pivotal. Traffic attribution is the cornerstone of data-driven marketing, enabling businesses to identify the sources contributing to their success. Whether it's organic search, social media, email campaigns, or paid ads, understanding your traffic sources in the HubSpot Traffic Analytics tool empowers you to allocate your marketing resources efficiently, enhancing your ROI.

Our HubSpot Traffic Analytics Evaluation Tool

For businesses leveraging HubSpot to track website performance, the challenge often lies in correctly attributing site traffic. Mistakes in attribution can lead to misinformed strategy decisions, making it crucial to get it right from the start. That's where our tool steps in. Designed specifically for HubSpot users, our tool simplifies the complexity of traffic source attribution. By inputting your listed site domains, the destination URL (complete with UTM parameters), and any referring URLs, our tool evaluates how HubSpot's Traffic Analytics will categorize your traffic, ensuring accuracy before you even launch your campaigns.

Why use this tool?

Precision in Attribution

Eliminate guesswork and ensure your traffic is attributed accurately in HubSpot, allowing for data-driven decisions.

Streamlined Campaign Analysis

With correct attribution, assess the effectiveness of your marketing channels with confidence, understanding exactly what's driving your website traffic.

Proactive Strategy Adjustment

Identify high-performing channels and pivot your strategy accordingly before investing further, maximizing your marketing spend.


Avoid the tedious process of post-campaign corrections by getting your attribution right the first time.

How Hubspot Users are enhancing traffic insights

If you're a HubSpot user striving for marketing excellence, our tool is tailored for you. Accurate traffic source attribution is no longer a cumbersome challenge but a streamlined process. By leveraging our evaluation tool, you're not just preparing for success; you're ensuring it. Don't let improper attribution be the bottleneck of your marketing strategy. Start using our tool today and take the first step towards flawless traffic analysis and optimized marketing performance.