In this video, you’ll see how to use TreeMaps report to optimize your landing page, ads, and campaigns TODAY. Especially if you are stuck with marketing about what to do next, the video is a must-watch. With this one simple report, you will have a clear set of actions that you can go and implement immediately.

The acquisition is the holy grail of analytics because it is directly related to the money you spend on marketing. As marketers, we always think which channels to invest and where to cut. So, if you are tagging your promotions with the 5 attributes, widely known in the industry as UTM Parameters (source, medium, campaign, content, and keyword), you will be much more efficient at budget allocation… (hint hint: that’s a plug for trackfunnels).

To organize the analysis a bit further, Google Analytics offers one more dimension called “Channels.” Channels are a more natural way to report high-level acquisition. For example instead of saying – we receive traffic from FB, IG, Reddit, Pinterest, you could just call them together as a Social channel. While Google Analytics does a great job categorizing these sessions into relevant channels, you also have total control in sending sessions to a channel of your choice. Channels also help your do Multi-channel attribution – another popular term of this century among Marketers 😉

Tagging your links allow you to “segment” your traffic and compare it more effectively. Do you use Treemaps? What sort of insights do you collect? Are you tagging your links? And are you segmenting? Do you do multi-channel attribution analysis? What challenges do you face? Let us know in the comments.