Migrate to GA4 to avoid data loss

On July 1,2023 Universal Analytics will stop processing data.

Automatic Migration NOT advised (Google) →

Basic Plan (2 days delivery)


  • Property set up
  • Data stream set up
  • Cross-domain set up
  • Data filters (internal traffic & developer traffic)
  • Exclude specific domain referrals as acquisition sources
  • Internal search (if the search includes “?q=” param)
  • Move current events with the same parameter names
  • Offsite links, site download, and video interactions
  • Set up event conversions
  • Enable remarketing
  • Link Google Analytics to Google Ads to share conversion data and audiences
  • Integrate Google Search Console to view organic search engine performance within Google Analytics
  • Set up user permissions
  • Define the amount of time before user-level and event-level data stored by Google Analytics is automatically deleted from Analytics servers
  • Set up “Delete settings” for data collection
  • Standard default reports walkthrough video

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    Our Process

    In just 2 days, you are done!

    Day 1.

    Our call

    We’ll need to talk for about 30 mins to make sure you and us and on the same platform. On the call, you give us access to your Google Analytics account.

    Day 1.

    Set up finished!

    On the same day, we’ll finish your set up and wait for the data to roll in. We have to wait an extra day because new GA4 properties can take upto 24 hours to show data.

    Day 1.

    Make Payment

    We start working as soon as the payment is made. We hope you will make the payment on the same day, so we don’t lose time when you could be analyzing new data from the very next day.

    Day 2.

    Test and Delivery

    On day 2, all we do is verify the data is coming through as expected and deliver the project to you via an explainer video!