Email Tracking in Google Analytics

Using your TrackFunnels generated pixels

Before we begin:

Step 1: Login to your TrackFunnels account, your CRM account and your Google Analytics account

Step 2: Open the email that you want to send from your CRM account

Step 3: Go to Trackfunnels Link Builder Page. Select the checkbox on top that says “Yes! Track email opens rates in GA.”

Step 4: Start creating your link. Once you have entered the mandatory fields i.e. URL and Traffic Source, your UTM link and 3 extra fields for email tracking pixel will show up at the bottom of the form.

Continue adding your UTM parameters

Step 5: Once you have added all your desired UTM parameters, its time to get your Google Analytics tracking ID to use in the email tracking pixel form.

Go to your GA account, click on admin; under Property click on Tracking info and then on Tracking code. Your GA tracking ID always starts with UA-

Step 6: Back to trackfunnels, enter your GA tracking ID in the form.

Step 7: Go to your CRM and get the merge code for your contacts’ ID. In infusionsoft, it is ~Contact.Id~, for Mailchimp, it is *|UNIQID|*

Make sure not to misspell this.

Copy the merge code and paste into the form field.

Step 8: Give the pixel your email subject line to identify this in Google Analytics account. This email subject line shows up as the “Page Title” in your GA reports.

You should now see the email tracking pixel. Copy it and head back to the email in your CRM.

Step 9: Make sure you are using an HTML email to send where there is a possibility to add HTML code in the email body. Once in the email edit mode, drag the HTML code snippet into the email body - a pop-up or a text area will show up. Paste your email tracking pixel here. At this point, if you see any errors thrown up by your CRM, read the error carefully and verify if your script is alright. If you face any issues, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Step 10: Click save. Send a test email to yourself. Open the email and check if your Google Analytics real time events report is showing the open. If not, make sure you send the email to yourself via the CRM and you have a contact ID in the CRM.

If all is well, publish your email. You will start seeing the email opens in your Google Analytics Events reports as people open your email.

At any point, do not hesitate to send us an email with your problem. We are always happy to improve and customize our tool for you.

If you would like to see a working demo of this script with Infusionsoft, please check out our help Video here.

How email tracking pixel works?

The email tracking pixel is actually an image of the size 1px X 1px. The script that you generate is nothing but an image with a source URL. So when this image loads, this information is sent to Google Analytics with some parameters and values according to the defined Google Analytics Measurement Protocol.

Therefore, the email tracking pixel will not work, if:

  • Your contacts have disabled images in their emails.
  • If your CRM provider does not offer to add HTML code inside the emails